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History of Cleopatra Slot Machine

The history of Cleopatra Slots is relatively young; what is more interesting is how slot machines came about and how Cleopatra slowly made its way on to the casino floor and subsequently into our homes.

In 1887, Charles Fey, born in San Francisco, California, invented the first Slot Machine and since that time, slots have continued to grow in popularity. Slot machines now dominate both land-based and online casinos and where they offered players a chance to win goods from the house in the past, such as drinks, food and cigars, now they offer huge cash prizes and even more interactivity and excitement.

With technological developments over the past 15 years, Slots have taken on a whole new persona. There are literally hundreds of themed games to choose from, each with their own bonus rounds and payout tables and the Cleopatra Slot Machine game has become an all-time favourite. Cleopatra slots were among the earliest to appear in offline casinos and millions of players worldwide continue to play every single day. Now, millions of players also choose to play online where they can claim free cash bonuses and enjoy other promotions which are not available in land-based casinos. For example, at SlotsNGames online casino, players can make a first deposit up to £125 and get £125 free bonus cash back, giving them £250 to play with. At SlotsNGames, players can pick up a total of £275 across three deposits.

Now, the Cleopatra Slot game itself is rivalling other popular casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack and slots, once deemed the ‘ugly duckling’ of the casino world, are now kings of the casino.

Most online casinos offer Cleopatra Slot I, Cleopatra Slot II and other game versions. Both boast Free Spin Bonus rounds which give players extra spins and a chance to multiply their winnings. For example, Cleopatra II offers up to 50 free spins and a multiplier which increases by one after each spin. This means that at the end of the 50th spin, your win could be multiplied by 50!

The history of Cleopatra slots may be quite short but one thing is for certain; it will continue as one of the leading slot games in both land-based and online casinos. There are over 30 millions slot players worldwide and with more games in the pipeline, they will be played by generations to come.

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